How To Spice Up Your Videos

Vacation videos! Here are some tips to put together a quick vacation reel that you can send to your friends and family, and make it exciting! You could also use some of these tips in your other editing tasks.

Plan before you shoot.

I did an intro and an exit. I also tired to shoot people as well as places. I kept my shots from 4 to 7 seconds when it did not involve people talking. I also decided to inject some information that might be of interest to the viewer. Browse page Browse page

Find some music

Use music to add a mood. I chose happy music and interspersed it through the video. I used music from which is a subscription service. The music had natural breaks I could edit to. You can also just grab music from the YouTube Audio Library (you’ll need a google account to do this).

Slideshows can be more fun

Slideshows can be more fun

Add a slideshow

My video includes a quick photo slideshow of moments from the day that I took with my phone. It’s great to inject a small slideshow montage in the middle of . your video to show action moments and planned shots that you cannot get with your video cam. (Check out the video for cool tips on making the slideshow).

Keep it SHORT

Make your video short and exciting. Make it shareable on social media. If people want to see more, invite them over to watch all the boring stuff. I shot 45 minutes of video that day. My final edit was just over 2 minutes. Don’t bore people. You want them to finish watching and want more.!

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