Videography & Filmmaking Courses

Videography and Filmmaking are wonderfully creative crafts that also happen to be technically complex. We make mastering the technical part fun and exciting so you can focus on the creative part.

Our courses on Videography and Filmmaking include workshops for freelancers, company staff, and anyone interesting in creating video content. Whether you’re brand new to the biz or have some experience, our courses are geared for you and loaded with industry knowledge, practical know how, and advice.

Each course includes 2 ½ hours of in-depth instruction and a half hour Q&A session with the instructor. Our classes are small, intimate, and taught by industry professionals who are experts at conveying detailed, technical information in accessible and fun ways.

Film & Video Production Courses

Student Testimonials

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of Frank’s videography and lightning classes and was very pleased with what I took from it. He is very patient and knows his craft very well.”
  Scott T. Parkhurst


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