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Who are we?

We’re Frank and Manu, the team behind the Pull My Focus show.

We’ve been in the “biz” since the early 90’s and have seen it change from prohibitively expensive to crazy affordable.

  • You had to pay for each foot of film you shot, developed, and had a print made from. Now we just push record to card that record hours of footage.

  • You had to rent almost everything. Now it arrives in two days from Amazon. 

  • It took a lot of people to light and shoot a scene.

But while producing video is a wonderfully creative craft it also happens to be technically complex. We make mastering the technical part fun and exciting so you can focus on the creative.

Our online courses are designed for filmmakers, freelancers, company staff, and anyone interesting in creating video content. Whether you’re brand new to the biz or have some experience, our courses are geared for you and loaded with industry knowledge, practical know how, and advice.


Mastering Audio for Premiere Pro CC

Viewers notice beautiful cinematography but not great audio. It works unnoticed in the background to build and support the image. But bad audio stands out like nails on a chalkboard.

Why are some editors able to produce videos with great matching audio? What do they know that you don't?

Discover why and learn step by step how to master audio in your edit.

What you’ll learn

  • Have a better understanding of audio mixing and levels.

  • Learn when and how to use the Audio Track Mixer.

  • Understand what audio compression is and why use it.

  • Use equalization to enhance your audio.

  • Understand the difference between the clip and track mixers.

  • What it means to "master" your audio and ways to do it in Premiere.

  • Where to find quality sound effects and music.

Student Testimonials

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of Frank’s videography and lightning classes and was very pleased with what I took from it. He is very patient and knows his craft very well.”
Scott T. Parkhurst


Frank Dellario  Videographer/Producer/Director

Frank Dellario

Manu Smith  Editor/Post Production Supervisor

Manu Smith
Editor/Post Production Supervisor


If you have any questions about our courses or requests, you can contact us below.