The Journal of Visual Culture – Machinima Issue

The Machinima Issue of the Journal of Visual Culture is out and I’m excited to say that my article on the future of machinima as a professional animation medium was accepted.

It’s one article among many from innovators and thought leaders in the machinima and visual media academic world. I’m honored to be associated with them, and hats off to Susan Rojo & Henry Lowood (Stanford University) and Matteo Bittanti (California Collage of Arts) for putting this issue together.

Partial list of authors:

Henry Lowood- Professor, Stanford Unv and Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections and Film & Media Collections in the Stanford University Libraries. He’s been a big enthusiast and supporter of machinima since the very beginning and manages the machinima archive.

Michael Nitsche- Professor, School of Literature, Communication & Culture at Georgia Institute of Technology, who’s written numerous papers on machinima and spoken on numerous machinima panels.

Tracy Harwood- Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Creative Technologies De Montfort University UK who co-produced the European machinima film festival and has written and spoken quite a bit on machinima.

Friedrich Kirschner and Hugh Hancock, pioneers of the medium, good friends and board members of AMAS.

Douglas Gayeton- A Super Creative and Director of the machinima HBO feature film ”Molotov Alva And His Search For The Creator: A Second Life Odyssey”