Can an Engaged Audience Equal 100% pass rate vs 50%? Yep

Clients want video content that makes them look good. Customers want content that they can relate to, that's authentic with no proverbial smoke being blown. For a client, that equates to unconventional and uncomfortable choices. But the results can be fantastic as we recently found out.

Dr. Francesco Pompei, founder and CEO of Exergen Corporation, talks about the success they’re having with the 16 minute nurses’ training video we produced for them on the use and care of their Temporal Scanning Thermometer in hospitals around the world. And yes, I did say 16 minutes, which is considered long by today’s standards.  It’s working though, which points to the power of content that takes risks and truly engages the viewer. 

In this video the nurse's are initially bored and not really paying attention. It's a recreation of what their industry calls a nurse's "in-service training" session. In other words, grabbing the nurses in the middle of their shift, when they're tired, hungry and very distracted.

Some highlights from a Q&A in Executive Healthcare Management magazine:

How they knew it was working.
“When 35 nurses crowded around an iPad’s 10-inch screen, watched intently, laughed at the avatar interactions as similar to their real life colleagues. and exclaimed ‘such a great idea’ we knew our primary audience would be engaged.”

His response to the question “Why [Animated] Avatars?”
“Because we found that everyone is fascinated by this medium, and enjoys and pays attention to the content. Training videos, written materials, and even personal in-servicing tend to be boring and are often ineffective, requiring frequent and expensive follow-up by both supplier and hospital educators. Avatars are compelling.”

He also talks about the cost advantages and ease of producing the content but best of all, are his ROI figures: how pass rates on written competency exams given after watching the video were 100%, compared to an average of 50% for their traditional personal in-service training. That blew me away.

Customers want to engage with brands that "get" them which generally equates to risky and unconventional content. Take the risk and engage your audience and they will surprise you.