How to Make a Promo

When producing a promo you need a concept in place before you even think about production or preproduction. And before you can come up with that concept you need to sit down with your subject and discover who the target audience is, what needs to be conveyed to them and why the action they want them to take.
We sat down with Blake to do just that. He’s a cocktail and spirits expert who’s been producing unique, one-of-a-kind events for his clientele for 10 years: tours of distilleries, creating infusions, tastings of craft spirits and more.
Who, What, Why
Blake wants to reach people who are genuinely into spirits and cocktails. So in our sit down, we discover what’s unique and interesting about his brand that we’ll want to convey to them in his promo, what we call touch-points. They can be communicated via text but preferably, since this is video, through visuals.
For Blake, we discovered his events are about:

  • Experimenting with the experience of spirits
  • Discovery of unique local and international spirits, flavors and their stories
  • Seriously advanced cocktail techniques
  • Creating a community of reverent spirit drinkers
  • Teaching them how to discover their own tastes and preferences

Now that we know who to reach and what to convey, we need to be clear about the why. What action does he want viewers to take and how will he reach them. 
Blake wants viewers to sign up for his email event list and he plans to use this video via social media. Since he’s targeting people at the beginning of his marketing process, we need to keep it short so we’ll aim for 30 seconds with a voice-over narration and a short call to action at the end.
Blake took the first pass at the narration copy which we then worked on with him. 

Boozephreaks is a San Francisco based cocktail social club, founded by Blake Tucker in 2006. Through his alter ego, Dr. Inkwell, Blake shares his passion for understanding and appreciating avant-garde cocktails and international spirits. Here you’ll discover advanced techniques, join a community of spirit lovers and learn to understand your own tastes and preferences with Boozephreaks. Join today.

Using that copy, we came up with a simple concept of recording Blake at one of his spirit tour events, and to set up a small controlled event with him demonstrating his amazing cocktail making ability and tricks.
This would give us the footage we need to illustrate as best we can his touch points.
Afterwards, we picked out voice over talent that Blake approved and produced a series of edit rounds for him to review.
So those are some of the key points to producing a successful promo. Knowing the who, what and why before you concept and being clear what the touch points are you need to convey about the brand.

Boozephreak Guests
Laurie Caird Bramlage
Raymond "Juan Treau" Ramirez

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