Continuity in Your Videos

Dictionary definition of “continuity”: 

  1. the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.
  2. the maintenance of continuous action and self-consistent detail in the various scenes of a movie or broadcast.

On a film production the script supervisor or also known as the continuity supervisor makes sure that continuity errors don't happen on set. He or she takes notes and all the details required to recreate the continuity of a particular scene, location or action.

For every take, the script supervisor will note the duration of the take and meticulously log information into a daily editor log about the action of the take, including position of the main actor(s), screen direction of their movement, important actions performed during the shot, type of lens used, and additional information which may vary from case to case.

Yet sometimes these errors still slip into major motion pictures.


As for smaller productions like the ones you might be dealing with, you might be the only person set to have to handle this. So just keep in mind; if you’re shooting continuous scenes and things like lighting and objects move around in the frame, people will probably notice.

Be mindful of continuity issues in your films, but if it’s not part of the focus of the scene, you might be able to get away without checking. Just like we did with our video example!

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