5 Royalty Free Music Sites for Videos

Okay brothers and sisters and misses and misters, here’s your daddy-o with the sounds to go! You’re listening to WPMF radio! DJ Potato here for all you sound hounds, tune goons and hi-fi butterflies with your top 5 free music download spots. So all you YouTubers, NewTubers and video boomers can butter your viewers ears with some hot pop, smooth jazz and non-stop hip hop, all at no cost!

So let’s get this countdown of sounds off to a righteous start with the first Free Music site: 

YouTube Audio Library

All you need is an account on The YouTubes and the YouTube Audio Library is a few clicks away! From your Creator Studio, click the CREATE link and there you go. The YouTube Audio Library is a growing collection of songs uploaded by various artists and within a cool interface where you can search by genre, musical instrument and mood. Lots of selections here. If you see a little icon next to the song, that means it’s under the Creative Commons License so make sure you throw some funky attribution to the original artist! And while you’re there, don’t forget to check out their groovy sound effects library!

Incomeptech.com: Kevin MacLeod

If you use the YouTube Audio Library, you might be familiar with Kevin MacLeod, since many of his tunes are available there. But the place he calls his home is Incompetech.com. No sign-up required. You can start downloading royalty free Creative Commons music and soundtracks for your productions. Kevin is a super talented dude and we’ve used his chart topping hits in a few of our videos. Attribution is required but we feel he deserves every bit of it. Standard music Licenses are also available!

Audionautix: Jason Shaw

Do you need Blues? Electronic? Pop? How about some Top 40? Jason Shaw’s got you covered over at Audionautix! The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native hosts hundreds of freely down-loadable and YouTube friendly tasty tunes. All work is licensed under Creative Commons. There’s a great selection of sounds for your ears and feel free to send a donation his way if you feel inclined to be truly righteous!

Purple Planet Music

Live and direct from Manchester and Leeds, England, Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn compose, perform, record, produce and mix all the tunes on Purple Planet Music.  Their free selection is a wide selection with descriptive adjectives like sneaky, tense and creepy. Using their music requires attribution as it’s all under Creative Commons License. Downloads are a click away. There are also standard licenses available for purchase.

No Copyright Sounds

The No Copyright Sounds YouTube channel has many instrumental and vocal releases that fall under the Electronic, Dubstep and House genres that would go great with vlogging, B-Roll or any other style video where you need high energy tunes to groove to. NCS Music is free to use for independent Creators and User Generated Content on YouTube & Twitch and as always credit the artist, track and NCS and link back to their original upload page. Download links are in the description as well as links to their pages on Spotify.

Yeah, that was 5 free music sites to get some solid tunes to shoot your vids to the moon! Don’t forget to check out WPMF on the inter webs at PullMyFocus.tv for all our other videos and articles. This is DJ Potato saying remember to keep being righteous, delighteous and outta-sighteous!