21st Century digital business platform - Virtual White Board

Client: Software AG

Software AG wanted a video aimed at CIO’s that explained the difference their digital technology platform provides. They didn’t want a typical whiteboard video but something a bit more futuristic.

To accomplish this we created a virtual whiteboard in post production (think Minority Report) to display a current state technology flow structure that our actress CIO reworks into an ideal future state—the Software AG platform. 

Hostfully.com Startup Explainer Video

Client: Hostfully

We produced this 2 minute startup explainer video for Hostfully.com to demonstrate and promote their new venture. They assist home sharing hosts (who rent spaces via sites like AirBnB or VRBO) make personalized guidebooks for their guests.

The video follows Bob, a homeshare host, who's success at being a host also means more work due to the varied needs of his guests. We demonstrate how using Hostfully makes his life not only easier but his guests that much happier. 

The Curse of Serum, The Cure of Cell-Ess

Client: Essential Pharmaceuticals/TD Post & Animation

Collaborated with our buddy Tom Donnelly at TD Post to create a 2D animated explainer video. The video needed to explain their new product, Cell-Ess, but had to convey why it was a game-changer in the research science community. The approved concept was to convey the conventional medium as a dinosaur.

Once the concept and script were approved, we matched a graphic illustrator to the style for the project who then produced a series of digital assets for the background and each character. These assets were created in layers that allowed the animator to control and animate them in After Effects.

Animated Explainer Video examples

Client: AT&T/TD Post & Animation

Here are clips from three animated explainer videos we co-produced demonstrating AT&T's Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (MEAP). The videos conveyed typical problems in finance, education and manufacturing that could be solved by use of their mobile platform. This series was created in conjunction with TD Post & Animation, using custom artwork produced in Illustrator and then animated in After Effects. 

Content Marketing

Lamb recipe series

From a series of 6 online videos produced for the Lean on Lamb website and a Facebook summer grilling campaign with sweepstakes sponsored by Weber.

Produced with The Electron Shop for Salt & Company/Tri-Lamb Group.

Video was shot with Cannon DSLR’s. Produced with Adobe Suite: Copy animation was produced in After Effects, video edited in Premiere, color correction via SpeedGrade.

Music from Beta Monkey Music, editing together tracks from their Jazz Drum Tracks collection.

Holiday Soul Party, Facebook Video Promo

Client: The 9:20 Special

The 9:20 Special needed a very special promo for their annual Soul party, where they mixed swing and soul tunes for a special holiday dance event.  The talent in the video are the event co-DJ's, Jill Kai and my biz partner Manu Smith. 

Manu conceived the idea, wanting to base the style on blaxploitation films we both grew up on (as of course Black Dynamite. Do NOT interrupt his kung fu).

Shot with Cannon DSLR cameras with a Rokinon 35mm and Cannon 50mm lenses. Edited with the Adobe Suite.

Scarlet City Espresso Bar, Social Media video spot

Client: Scarlet City Espresso Bar

15 second marketing video produced for Scarlet City Espresso Bar, for use on Facebook and Instagram. For the final shot, we created a pinball DMD (dot matrix display) version of their logo, and superimposed that onto a Star Trek Next Generation pinball game backboard. Audio used is from the pinball games in their coffee shop.

Intel Core i7 Promotional Video, Far Cry 2

Client: MRM Worldwide/Intel

Each fall, MRM approached us to create a new video promoting Intel based on a hot new game that was slated for holiday release. One year they chose Far Cry 2, with a concept of two rival warlords shopping together in a  safe zone.

The animated video promoted Intel’s Core i7 processor that year, and coupled with Machinima.com's gamer channel, reached over 600,000 views in less then two weeks.

Produced in 3D Studio Max using original game character models provided by game studio, Ubisoft.

Motion Graphics

Whether it’s animated explainer videos, graphics and live action married together or animated titles, we produce it. In this short reel, we showcase some of our past client work in this area.

We utilize the Adobe Suite:  Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and SpeedGrade.


Compositing and Color Grading

One fun aspect of digital production is the exciting special effects it can offer. In this behind-the-scenes reel, we showcase some of our client work featuring effects, including combining a “Minority Report”-style digital whiteboard with a live-action actress, applying motion graphics and fine-tuning a shot’s color, contrast and exposure.